Why choosing Protek®?


The maximum overall dimension of a swing door is about 0.65m² : you have less space left for your furniture. In an apartment type ( hall, kitchen, living room, two rooms and a bathroom) you can save up to 8m² space using Protek® pocket frames.

Compare the plan!

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 Company leader in its field, Protek® offers a quick service and feedback to its Customers and has original solutions and exclusive products as the storage pocket frame Bigfoot®, along with many other new patented systems ideal for:

- DESIGNERS AND ARCHITECTS: Protek® pocket frames give a modern touch of elegance and creativity to your indoors, improving room quality.

- TRADESMEN: Thanks to technical devices of great importance such as LIFTY SYSTEM®, that allows a quick assembling and regulation of the door height without any manual tools, Protek® simplify the Tradesmen’s work.

- BRICKLAYERS AND CARPENTERS: The 1 minute set-up system allows an easy and quick assembling thanks to the built-in components. Skudo®, the new born pocket door system in kit, for plasterboard walls, is easy to be fitted and carried thanks to the small package dimensions.

- DEALERS: Protek® has close contacts with its dealers, that are constantly informed about new business promotions and about the latest marketing strategies.


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