Protek products are studied and tested in all minimum particulars, international patented and realized with high quality materials.

Thanks to the special assembling system with built-in elements – 1 minute set up - Protek® simplify the tradesmen’s work by reducing the assembling time.

Here are some features related to Protek® frames:

1.Quick assembling of the pocket frame thanks to the built-in components, 1 MINUTE SET-UP.

2.Assembling of the pocket frame structure with join sheet metal system (without welding point).

3.Anti-rust materials such as aluminium, galvanized sheet iron and plastic material.

4. Special net for solid walls (no electro welding) with rhomboidal wire meshes, equipped with inclined support that creates a “spoon” effect and that enables to plaster easily.

5. Use of metal sheets with raised bands every 100 mm to strengthen the frame.

6. Strong steel construction and strengthened perimeter: the pocket frame stands the exerted pressures.

7. Extruded aluminium track for a silent and smooth movement of the hanging kit.

8. Protective film placed on the aluminium track : it keeps safe from dirt and dust, that could hinder the sliding of the door panel.

9. Two spacers for lining up the wooden post and the pocket frame.

10. Meter reference for the bricklayer and drywall installer.

11. Brackets to be fixed to the brick (for the bricklayer) or the omega profiles to be fixed to the metal stud (for the drywall installer).

12. Hanging kit with four wheels, self-lubricating, equipped with rectified pivot and bearings, adjustable stop element and inferior door guide.

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