Linear® is the frame that highlights the design. It has been conceived to eliminate completely doorpost and covering profiles.

 Lifty System® is the innovative system realised and patented by Protek® that allows a quick set-up and regulation of the door panel without any effort! No more manual tools are necessary!

 Magic Box® is the first and only system designed and patented by Protek® with the electiocal wiring and plumbing for the domotics.

 Skudo®, the pocket door system in kit to assemble for plasterboard walls, esay to carry, thanks to the small package dimensions, and quick to assemble.

 Bigfoot® becomes a shoe or a store cupboard that slides and completely disappears into the wall. Bigfoot® is available in other combinations: Bigfoot®+Magic Box®, Bigfoot®+ Standard... and more.



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