Linear® single

For solid and plasterboards walls

LINEAR is a frame for sliding doors conceived to eliminate completely any use of doorpost and covering profile. It foresees the sliding of one door panel, joining perfectly to the wall where it is fitted in. It represents the ideal solution to configure one’s own natural habitat with style and giving an unquestionable modern touch design. Interiors architects and designers search continuously innovative solutions for caring, harmonizing and “cleaning” to extreme the lines (LINEAR n.t) of the prestigious home.
Taking as element of design and decoration even the sliding disappearing doors, letting them become as protagonist as a precious element inside the home, that is the reason why we have designed the structure LINEAR for solid and plastered walls.
Our innovative system allows to highlight in exclusivity the door, showing up the preciousness of materials (even in wood, aluminium, aluminium/glass or lacquered) and the wall, without doorpost and covering profiles or to hide it totally (painting the door of the same colour of the wall). Available for wooden or glass door panels.

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