Bigfoot® at More+Space

Protek® launches itself into the world of microliving through Bigfoot® and does so by choosing the excellence of More + Space, the first integrated Design & Building model dedicated to microliving.

"Small" is the dimension of the future: fewer square meters, but equipped with every comfort and designed to the smallest detail, to meet the growing demand for small residential spaces, dictated by new lifestyles and recent urban transformations.

As the most recent analyzes show, “micro-houses” are becoming increasingly important for investors and developers, and microliving is destined to become one of the most sought-after asset classes in the alternative residential sector.

Starting from this background, MORE + SPACE® is born, the first integrated Design & Building model dedicated to microliving, to offer new design, layout and interior solutions dedicated to this reality.

The result of a high-tech know-how, More + Space is a container that contains research, creativity, technology and innovation available to customize new formats and small-sized living spaces.

Thanks to this type of solution, it is possible to transform a house made of rooms into a house made of "functions", with movable walls capable of recreating environments that change throughout the day and furnishings that are transformed to expand, multiply, compose and hide the spaces, obtaining maximum comfort with minimum space.

It is in this field that our Bigfoot®, the space multiplier par excellence, finds its ideal place in the two sample apartments of 30 and 39 square meters respectively.

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