Certified quality

Thanks to the effort of the whole company to fulfill the highest quality and management requirements in manufacturing systems for sliding doors, windows and fittings, Protek srl succeeded in obtaining the certification by the Swiss and Quality and Management Institute.

The 4 th of June 2013 Protek obtained the certification of chain of custody FSC®.

The products containing wood arising from correctly and responsibly managed forests, following environmental, social and economical standards are identified with the trademark FSC®

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an International system of certification of good forest management, that assures the origin of forest products coming from responsibly managed forests. FSC assures at the same time the chain of custody, in other words the certification of the traceability of the product (Chain-of-Custody – CoC).

For further information www.fsc-info.org

In June 2013 Protek obtained the certification for the production of pocket-frames containing PEFC ™ certified wood.

A grew-wiser choice in the perspective of a further attention to the themes concerning the environment and the respect for environmental and forest rules, nowadays are precious to public opinion and users.

This type of certification allows to produce pocket-frames containing wood parts deriving from sustainable and certified managed forests, following the internationally recognised good forest customs parameters.

For further information www.pefc.it

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